Southern Shan State, Taunggyi
Maw Shan Development Public Company
Company NameContract ServiceCountry Origin
KMA Architecture & DesignConceptual Designs Myanmar
Bayint Naung Construction Co. LtdLand DevelopmentMyanmar
Mixed Use


The project aims to develop a high-end residential estate near Taunggyi. 

Investment estimation for investment in public facilities- main road network, municipal project, sight green space, planning formulation and working management is Ks 5117.34 million 



3 years for infrastructure + 3 years for development (Tentative)


June 2018 

Media reported that local residents are opposed to the project on the grounds that it received approval under the previous government. They accuse the company and project of lacking transparency. 




Component description:

Land Classification Acre (76.195) Proportion(%)
Residential 33.199 43.57
Commercial  4.812 6.32
Public administrative 3.202 4.20
Roads and Side Road  14.571 19.12
Clubhouse and Recreational/ Green space 18.129 23.79
Water Land 2.282 3.00
  76.195 100%




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