Taungoo, Bago Region
Kaytumadi Development Public Company Limited/ Open to joint development
Industrial Park


The project consist of a total of 12,268 acres (235 acres for Zone 1 and 1,311 acres for Zone 2). The project received MIC approval on 25 March 2016. 


Location Zone 1: 

Bago Region, Taungoo, Nay Pu Kone Village (Group N0-2) Kwin No. 598/Ga Nge, Nay Pu Kone Taw (East) Kwin,592/Ka Kyi Wan Sar Bae Kwin, 600-Kha Ponen a (East) Kwin, 586-Kan Ayeyar Kwin (235.54 Acres)

Location Zone 2: 

Bago Region, Taungoo, Pae Chat Kone Village (Group N0-6), Kwin No. 581, Taung Kyi Tat Kwin  (1311 Acres)









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