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H1 2021

Yangon Real Estate Review

Since 2014 FMR has produced the most detailed periodic research reports on the Yangon property market.


The Yangon Real Estate Review is researched by our team through hundreds of site visits and interviews. It contains more than 250 pages of information and is an essential resource for developers, contractors, consultants, lenders, materials suppliers and other companies.


Our most recent edition, the H1 2021 Yangon Real Estate Review - Market Reaction to Political Instability was released in May 2021.

It contains a market review with an in-depth analysis of the Yangon real estate sector, with key news across different segments, district-by-district mapping and profiling, legislation, analysis of the residential, commercial, retail and hospitality markets, supply forecasts, data and more




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  • The Yangon real estate market was subdued for well over a year and remaining in the foreground due to threats from the COVID-19 pandemic. Additional risks include a collapse in systematic testing and uncertainty on the timeline of a mass vaccination program. Social and travel restrictions are to remain in place for some time to come, which will further suppress business activity.
  • The residential and office segments for a time proved to be resilient to the impact of COVID-19, however, the international travel ban and social restrictions continued to exert pressure on occupancy and pricing.
  • 16 residential projects are found to meet the basic spatial requirements to legally register as condominiums yet, many developments may struggle to meet the required technical standards and may need additional amenities before they are eligible to register.
  • Of the 67 medium- to high-end developments tracked by FMR in this report, just over a third are in the $101-$150 per sq ft range and just over a fifth are in the $151-$200 range, significantly resulted in downward shift in pricing.
  • The Century with over 400 condominium units in Hlaing Township has several times postponed completion due to construction delays along with other projects delaying for completion.
  • Regarding pipeline projects, 1,198 units across 14 projects were completed between July 2020 and May 2021, expected to have a positive outcome in the next year.
  • The pricing for office market has been the lowest in over a decade with $27 per sq m, along with fallen occupancy at 64% as of May 2021, compared to 76.6% in H1 2020.
  • Retail and hospitality was highly vulnerable to the ongoing instability. While many premises were already struggling due to COVID-19 restrictions, many have had to shutter following the takeover due to protests and military violence.
  • For retail market, the average asking prices for operational Grade A retail space tends to lie between $30 and $50 per sq m while he lowest rates at Myanmar Plaza were maintained at around $50 per sq m.
  • The hospitality market has suffered severely amid the COVID-19 crisis, with rates dropping down below 10% even to the most prominent five-star hotels.
  • The Yangon real estate market is emerging from a challenging period. However, progress on legislation and expanded financing options for buyers are likely to encourage sales going forward, particularly in the mid-range market.




Our previous reports dating back to 2014 are also available to purchase.


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