Kakehashi Tama Home Development

Contact Details

Kakehashi Tama Home Development
Kabaraye Pagoda Road
Room No.706, Building (A), Pearl Condominium
Bahan Township


Hlaing WinDirector
Kyaw Myo LynnDirector
Yo Meise Director

Key Information

Created on 12 September 2018 as a joint venture between Myanmar firm Kakehashi and Japanese listed firm Tama Home.

The JV has two Myanmar board members and one Japanese board members.

Kakehashi said the incorporation was under the new Companies Law. Although ownership percetanges have not been released, the new law allows up to 35% of a company to be owned by a foreigner and still considered locally.

It was not immediately announced which projects will fall under the joint venture. However, Kakehashi and Tama Home have previously cooperated on projects, including the recently-launched Green Inya 2 Condo in Yankin township.

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